Cinco de Beer Paws

Cinco de Beer Paws

cinco de mayo miniature pinscher chihuahua


Five years ago, I took some bottle openers to sell at a pet-themed Cinco de Mayo event. That day, my life changed forever.

Within a few months, there were Beer Paws koozies, collars, treats and, yes, dog beer.

There were also endless nights at the oven; thousands of miles added to the odometer; and new friends to be made every weekend at dog walks, beer fests and farmers markets in a three-state area.

As it turned out, I wasn’t the only person proud of my adorable four-legged drinking buddies. At the time: an ancient miniature pinscher named Scooby and an affectionate golden retriever named Luke.

“For the love of good times with good dogs” rang true.

These amazing folks all over the country were buying my stuff and telling their friends about it. Some even wanted to work for me. They were helping me take this Beer Paws thing bigger!

A couple years into this journey, I left my full-time gig in marketing in order to devote myself 100% to growing the business that obsessed me. I don’t know if I jumped at a good time or the perfect one, but here we are.

Five years in, Beer Paws products are available at more stores and in partnership with more breweries than ever. New packaging is in development for our treats. And we’re about to throw a massive dog-friendly pub crawl in the brand’s hometown of Kansas City.

I just about cried when I realized the VIP tickets for that event would sell out two days early.

Beer Paws was born out of my passion for dogs. But it’s the people who make this thing work.

To everyone who has ever supported Beer Paws in any way: Thank you.

May the good times only get better and the good dogs live forever.