Monthly Box of Beer Biscuits and Barkville Bakery Treats for Dogs

Regular price $ 35.00

Feed your dog's need for Beer Paws! Our monthly Beer Paws Boxes are an easy way to ensure that your best friends never run out of their favorite treats! 

Beer Paws and Barkville Bakery Monthly Box 

This box features your favorite Beer Paws Beer Biscuits plus seasonal treats from our partners at Barkville Bakery. 

Guaranteed value of at least $50 in each box. 

  • 1-month - $35 + shipping (Beer Paws treats only)
  • 3-months - $99
  • 12-months - $349 (includes 2 months free and free shipping)

 All boxes ship in the last week of the month. You will pay for the full subscription amount at checkout.

Prefer to pay on a month-to-month basis? Head on over to Barkville Bakery for 6-month and 12-month subscription pricing.