Paint Your Pet Kit

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Our drinking buddy bundle is made for some quality time with your best mate! Paint a pic of your dog while enjoying a beer, and while your pup enjoys a beer too! This package is offered in partnership with Apple Pie Painting.

Our Drinking Buddy Pet Painting Kits come with:

  • Hand-drawn stretched canvases that are labeled similar to a Paint-By-Number*
  • Pre-mixed set of paints (see pic for options) that are all of the same hue (technical term meaning they are all of the same color but in different shades)
  • Detailed instructions
  • Tips and Tricks card
  • Set of 3 paintbrushes
  • Paint palette for mixing colors
  • 4″x6″ photo of your dog
  • Beer Paws™ Drinking Buddy Koozie
  • Beer Paws™ Beer Biscuit Snack Pack
  • Beer Paws™ Doggy Beer **

*I said, “Similar to a Paint-By-Number” meaning, we label with D for dark, M for medium, etc. These letters match the hue for your paints. Making it super simple for any skill level at any age. In NO way are we implying you should give anyone under 21 alcohol. **The beer for dogs is alcohol-free.

Allow yourself to take some time to spend with your best fur-friend, and enjoy the best things in life.

Our pet painting canvases are hand-drawn, by professional artists, not an online program or app. Making them unique, and unlike other pet painting kits on the market. We take the time to care about your pet’s features that make them so special.

All you do is submit your favorite photo, and choose a background color and a pet color set (See pic for options). We will have it drawn and shipped within 3-5 business days. You should receive your kit within 7-10 business days.

This will create a memory that will last a lifetime!