After a decade of selling dog products, people often look to me for advice on how to handle anything from itchy ears to separation anxiety to the best daily nutrition for their best friends.

Beer Paws was never intended to solve all of those problems for our customers. But as an entrepreneur and dog mom myself, I do want to help people to get the most out of their relationships with their pets. Oftentimes, that means pointing them in the direction of quality pet care and nutrition products beyond the scope of what Beer Paws offers.

That's why I am excited to partner with pawTree, a pet nutrition and support brand that offers high quality, natural products designed to help your pet thrive. The range of items available - from kibble and raw food to supplements, grooming products, toys and more - is frankly incredible. So if you're looking for more ways to improve your pet's life and celebrate your relationship with them, please check out pawTree.

When you shop through my link, I do receive a commission, which, along with Beer Paws, helps me to support my family.

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