LIMITED RELEASE: Stockyards Brewing Company Organic Beer Paws Beer Biscuits for Dogs

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Every once in a while, a beer comes around that's so cool, we have to do something special with it.

O.G. Pale by Stockyards Brewing Company is one of those beers. This amazing, all-organic brew inspired Beer Paws' first all-organic dog treat. Snatch up this limited release while you can!

These delicious, crunchy treats won’t get your dog drunk — but they will get him or her buzzing with excitement! The key ingredient in our treats is recycled barley and other grains provided by craft beer makers, such as Stockyards Brewing Company. Beer Biscuits are high-protein, high-fiber, low fat treats.

O.G. Pale Peanut Butter Beer Biscuit Ingredients:

  • Recycled brewer’s grains (all organic)
  • Organic wheat flour
  • Organic peanut butter
  • Organic eggs

Beer Paws Beer Biscuits contain no soy, hops or preservatives.

Here's a bit about the beer that inspired this treat:

Stockyards Brewing Company
O.G. Pale

O.G. Pale: A reinvention of one of our very first
beers, the Golden Alt, this new golden pale ale is
brewed with 100% certified organic barley malt from
Germany and organic hops including Brewer’s Gold
and Pacific Gem hops. The organically grown hops
lend to the soft and sexy tones of guava and
tangerine. This beer is straight OG!

O.G.: 12.5 degrees Plato; 35 IBU; 5.25% ABV.