Brewery Spotlight: Blue Nose Brewery


Humble roots for fantastic beers.

When the craft beer revolution took off, home brewing took off along with it. And though many personal brewers can craft a good beer, how many of them have been able to get over the hump and turn it into a full-time career? Not many. To do that, they need some serious talent and beer that blows right past “good” and breaks through into “amazing.” Beer like the kind they brew at Blue Nose Brewery.

It’s really a home brewer’s dream: three beer-loving friends, Nathan Garcia, Jordan Isenberg and David Kelley started in a spare apartment bedroom with a borrowed pot and a second-hand propane stove. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The Chicago-based craft brewery is making some seriously delicious beers, beginning with the flagship brew they first whipped up in that spare room half a decade ago, True Justice Pale Ale. Hoppy and floral, this India Pale ale has a caramel malt backbone and a crisp, dry finish.

If you’re looking for something sweet and herbal, the XXX Honey is a Belgian tripel with a fruity nose and a flavor with hints of honey, lemon and vanilla. Or if dark beers are more your style, the Blind Doggery chipotle stout has a rich smokey flavor with a hint of spicy chipotle sneaking in the backside.  Perfect with BBQ, Mexican or a bar of dark chocolate, it’s both complex and surprisingly refreshing.

And these are just the beginning. Blue Nose’s master brewers are constantly dreaming up brilliant concoctions to flavor their next beer creations. At the moment, they’re available in the Windy City but hopefully will be branching out soon.

blue nose brewery

In the meantime, if you’re lucky enough to be in Chicago, stop by their tasting room, pull up a stool and enjoy any of the great beers on tap.  And don’t forget to say hello and give a pet to Simba, the sweet and incredibly-well-behaved pit bull that serves as the brewery’s mascot.

To purchase a bag of Beer Paws Beer Biscuits made with Blue Nose Brewery spent grains, click here.