Partner Profile: Happy Basset Brewing Company

Partner Profile: Happy Basset Brewing Company

A match made in (dog) heaven.

You probably know that all dogs go to heaven. And when they get there, they frolic in an amazing dog park filled with tennis balls to chase, fire hydrants to sniff, and all the Beer Paws they can eat. And while these angelic canines are frolicking in paradise, what are their parents doing? I’d like to think they’re kicking back with some good brews, like the kind made at Happy Basset Brewing Company.

You can imagine how thrilled we were at Beer Paws to partner up with this Topeka-based brewery. After all, they love dogs as much as we do. And the fact that they make some of the finest brews in Northeastern Kansas doesn’t hurt either.

Named after the founders’ two basset hounds, Happy Basset Brewing Co. offers a complete range of craft brews, including the Hoppy Basset IPA that’s sure to please. Copper-colored with a hint of citrus and pine, it has a strong hoppy backbone and crisp finish.

If porters are more your style, you can’t go wrong with the Purebred. Mellow with a hint of sweetness, it’s a pleasing blend of coffee, malt and chocolate flavors for the perfect sipping brew.

And that’s just the beginning. Happy Basset Brewing Co. has a great beer in nearly every style you can think of, each more pleasing than the last. From the Slow Rise Saison to the Pumpkin Ale, the Lemon Rosemary Wheat to the Belly Rub Brown Ale, you’ll love their entire range of year round and seasonal brews.

So the next time you’re in Capital City, be sure to stop by. Get yourself some pretzels and order a brew or three. You’ll be as happy as a dog getting his belly scratched.