Partner Spotlight: Bier Station

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Imagine, dear beer lover, heaven on earth. A friendly and inviting place in a fun and fashionable part of town, with a beautiful outdoor area, tasty snacks, and best of all, beer taps and coolers stretching into eternity, offering an incredible selection of classic favorites and delightful brews to discover. It’s not a myth, this Shangri-La truly exists. And its name is Bier Station.  

Located at the corner of Rockhill and Gregory (that’s 71st Street, for you Kansas dwellers), Bier Station has been on Draft Magazine’s Top 100 Beer Bars three years running. And with good reason. Bier Station is a beer enthusiast’s dream with 28 rotating taps, including session and sour/wild ale taps, plus an incredible selection of beers in a cooler to enjoy on site or to-go.

And this isn’t the type of place where they’re going to serve you a saison in a pint glass.  The expert bartenders know their brews inside and out, making recommendations based on your tastes and serving it as the brewer intended, including in the proper glassware.

While it’s always been a great place for beer, Bier Station has also expanded its menu, offering a selection of the perfect bites to go with whichever beer you chose. There are traditional German-style snacks like pretzels and charcuterie if you just want a little nosh, or a full selection of delicious sandwiches and hot plates if you want a full meal. And they do their best to source locally, so you can always be sure of freshness and tastiness.

If you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for? Get in your car right now and get over to Bier Station. You’ll love the atmosphere as much as the beer. And the beer, well, you already know how amazing that will be. It’s beer, after all.

If the weather is nice, you can bring your pup along to enjoy some brews on the ample outdoor patio. Don't forget to hit up the Beer Paws machine inside!

Join Beer Paws at a special pop up event happening at Bier Station on February 15, benefiting the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. Click here for details.