Partner Spotlight: Boiler Brewing Company

Partner Spotlight: Boiler Brewing Company

Boiling up something wonderful.

Brewing beer isn’t easy. That is, brewing good beer isn’t easy. It takes the right equipment, considerable skill, and a good amount of imagination. Sure there are lots of homebrewers out there who can manage to cobble together something drinkable, but how many of them have what it takes to make really great beer? Not many. 

Of course there are exceptions. Take Tim Thomssen of Boiler Brewing Company, for example.  Tim started out doing the homebrew thing, and discovered he had a talent for it. The awards started piling up, including three time High Plains Homebrewer of the year, two time Midwest Homebrewer of the Year, Masters Championship of Amateur Brewing Grand Champion, and the Sam Adams LongShot Award.

With such a successful amateur career, he did the next logical thing – went pro. Teaming up with Monte Froelich, Matt Rennerfeldt, Jon Marco and Thad Aerts, they formed what came to be known as Boiler Brewing Company. 

Headquartered in what was originally the boiler room of the Grand Manse building in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska (hence the name), they quickly started building a reputation for fantastic and inventive brews. 

Not least among these is the Bacon Sweats. Yes, you read that right – Boiler Brewing Co. found a way to incorporate everyone’s favorite meat candy into their favorite beverage. An English Brown Ale, this beer is brewed in collaboration with Chef Brandon Harpster and features a bacon profile with a smoky nose. But what food would this pair perfectly with? Oh yeah, BACON!

The Alarm Clock Coffee Stout has a rich and roasty aroma that’s perfect on a chilly winter’s day. Or as a pick-me-up in the morning. At Beer Paws, we don’t judge. Brewed with nitro, it’s velvety and smooth, with a delicious coffee taste that’s just perfect for beer and coffee lovers alike. 

And these are just the beginning. They also brew a Hawaiian Trifecta with coffee, chocolate and coconut stout, an Orange You Thirsty? Orange Wheat Beer (because who doesn’t love puns?), and a Punk’n Drublic Pumpkin Ale. There are so many inventive beers to choose from in their tap room, you’ll want to try them all. Of course, if you’re not the adventurous type, they offer a variety of traditional varieties as well, including the Crane River Kolsch, the Big Red IPA and the Boiler Amber Lager.

There’s something for every beer lover’s palate. Stop in before a Nebraska game, after church, or pretty much any time you’re in the neighborhood. You’ll be glad you did.