Partner Spotlight: Brickway Brewing & Distillery

Hardworking beer for hardworking Americans.

If there’s one thing America values, it’s hard work. Generations of immigrants from all around the world sought out a new life in this country, building new lives through honest hard work. That’s the spirit Brickway Brewing & Distillery crafts into every pint of beer and every glass of spirits they produce. Because anything else would be un-American.

Located in the heart of Omaha’s Old Market District, Brickway is the first combination brewery/distillery in Omaha since before Prohibition. A throwback to earlier times, they handcraft beer and liquors according to time-tested recipes and strict standards. Because sometimes the old ways are just better. 

If you’re in downtown Omaha, start your weekend off right in the tasting room. Opening at 11 Friday through Sunday (2:00 PM Monday through Thursday), you can toast the morning with one (or more) of their 15 beers, 5 distilled spirits, 2 house soda and traditional pub foods. If you do make it before noon, might I suggest the Coffee Vanilla Stout? Brewed with cold pressed coffee from The Grey Plume, it’s perhaps the best way to have your morning Joe. Or evening Joe. Or anytime, really. 

If you’re looking for something a bit more powerful, the 10th Sanctum Barleywine clocks in at a hefty 11.2% ABV, combining five malts and molasses for a rich and complex beer with the perfect kiss of sweetness. 

There are lots of traditional beers to choose from as well, each as fantastic as the last. Whatever you’re in the mood for, whether it’s a pils, hefeweisen, or lager, you’ll find one to enjoy at Brickway. And if you’re more of the liquor type, they manufacture amazing spirits. The whisky, whether American single-malt, white or cinnamon, can stand up with the best. And the brandy is so good it sells out regularly. If you can get your hands on a bottle buy it!

Really, there is no wrong way at Brickway. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find something to love. Get there today!