Partner Spotlight: Broadway Brewery & Restaurant

Partner Spotlight: Broadway Brewery & Restaurant

Colleges and university are a place of cultivation, where young people (and not so young people) go to learn. As a result, college towns tend to take on a special kind of culture that mimics this optimism and growth. And because of this culture, special businesses crop up representing it in physical form. In Columbia, Missouri, home of the University of Missouri, Broadway Brewery & Restaurant is just that type of place.

A favorite with the college crowd, out of town visitors and townies alike, Broadway Brewing, located right in the heart of town, has a rotating lineup of brews and food sure to delight any palate.

Growing something great.

Handcrafted, each beer is a carefully constructed masterpiece. Start off with the Dog Days Brown Ale. Formerly a seasonal brew, Broadway Brewing took it year round due to its incredible popularity. Steeped in herbs during the boiling process, it takes on a hint of root beer that will thrill the kid in you.

Their Irish Stout will have you saying “Guinness, who?” Smooth and creamy, it has a delightful roastiness you’ll love. Or if you’re a cider fan (and even if you’re not), you simply have to try the Blue Heron Organic Cider. Made with four types of apples grown locally at the Blue Heron Orchard, it’s crisp and tart, and the only certified organic cider in Missouri.

There are a whole host of others to try as well, each brew a delight. And even better, they pair perfectly with Broadway Brewery’s seasonal menu. Prioritizing locally grown ingredients, it’s packed with delicious favorites like fish tacos, chicken and mushroom tortellini and pizza that is by all rights far too good to be from anyplace other than a pizza parlor. And yet, there it is, alongside traditional pub fare like patty melts and chicken wings.

Of course the real highlight of the menu may be the Sunday brunch. Full of delicious twists on breakfast classics, it’s the perfect way to start off your Sunday, whether you’re headed home from church or working off a hangover.

You really can’t go wrong at Broadway Brewing. The beer is great. The food is fantastic. The atmosphere is amazing. If you’re in Columbia, you don’t want to miss it.