Partner Spotlight: Francie and Finch Bookshop

Partner Spotlight: Francie and Finch Bookshop

We love books too.

You might think at Beer Paws we’re kinda one (well, two) dimensional. After all, we make no secret of our love for beer and dogs. But we’re more than that. We’re like an onion — we have layers. And one of those layers is a love for good books.

And when you’re in Lincoln, there’s one place that’s known for good books, a great environment and a friendly staff who wants to help you discover your next favorite: Francie & Finch.

This is the kind of bookstore bibliophiles love. Rows and rows of shelves to choose from, in-store author events, and even that distinctive bookshop smell. It’s the kind of place you can get lost in for hours, perusing the shelves, finding gem after gem until you have a pile of books that will take you an entire year to read.

My dog loves books. What I mean is he loves to eat them, hardback books in particular. But now I don’t have to worry about my library. While I’m at Francie & Finch picking up a book, I can grab him a treat too, because they keep Beer Paws in stock.

So while you’re out picking up the latest novel from Neil Gaiman, an old favorite like “The Master and Margarita” (one of my personal favorites), or even the latest 50 Shades book (we don’t judge), be sure to grab something for your pooch too. I’m sure you’ll both love Francie & Finch. Who wouldn’t?