Partner Spotlight: Kansas City Pet Project

For the entire month of January, Beer Paws is partnering with a fantastic organization: Kansas City Pet Project. Keep reading for more information on how you can support a great local charity this winter.
Partner Spotlight: Kansas City Pet Project

Saving thousands of lives, one animal at a time!

The ideal shelter is a true safe haven for lost and unwanted animals with a kind and knowledgeable staff to help find a new and loving home for each and every dog, cat, and bunny. This is exactly what Kansas City Pet Project (with three convenient locations in the Kansas City metro) strives to be every day: a facility that cares and nurtures for all animals in need.


Are you a fan of wagging tails and slobbery kisses? What about soulful eyes and a best friend forever? Adopting from a local animal shelter is one of the best feelings in the world and the most heroic thing you can do for a homeless animal. The animals at Kansas City Pet Project are happy to have found a safe shelter, but would like nothing more than to go home to a quieter and more relaxing environment where they can be your buddy and companion for years to come.


In 2015, Kansas City Pet Project was named the “Best Nonprofit in Kansas City” by KC Magazine and for good reason! Kansas City Pet Project is highly focused on creating a “No Kill Community” in Kansas City. They make it their mission to place homeless pets in suitable homes while maintaining the health and welfare of the pets that are in their care.


In 2016, Kansas City Pet Project cared for more than 10,000 homeless and neglected pets. They broke the all-time record for the largest number of pets adopted from their shelter, the most animals saved in one year, and the Highest Live Release Rate in the shelter’s history: 94.8% The staff and volunteers at Kansas City Pet Project truly have a heart for saving animals in need.


The infographic below sums up the great work KCPP did in 2017:


kansas city pet project 2017 statistics


Kansas City Pet Project kindly accepts the love and support from the Kansas City community to help fulfill their mission of saving lives. That is why we at Beer Paws is partnering with Kansas City Pet Project during the month of January.


Join us on Friday, January 5, for an art battle and benefit night at Ruins Pub. 100% of raffle proceeds and 10% of beer sales and Beer Paws sales will be donated to Kansas City Pet Project. We aim to raise at least $1000 during the event.


If you can't make it to that party, shop with us online. 10% of sales at throughout January will also benefit KC Pet Project.