Partner Spotlight: Lazy Circles Brewing

Lazy Circles Brewing makes delicious beer in Norman, Oklahoma.
Partner Spotlight: Lazy Circles Brewing

Slow down and enjoy yourself.


When I was growing up, one of the worst offenses you could commit was to set your drink directly on the coffee table. Seriously, if you didn’t use a coaster, you were in for some serious trouble if mom caught you. As a child, I didn’t understand the problem with rings caused by condensation from ice cold beverages and the havoc they could wreak on your grandmother’s heirloom table. When I grew up, I learned to appreciate having nice things and my long-ingrained coaster habit helped.

But there’s still something captivating about sitting at a bar and drawing designs with the bottom of your beer bottle, watching the circles intertwine as you relax with a cold one. It’s one of those simple life pleasures that are too often overlooked. And it’s this philosophy, of slowing down and enjoying the moment, that drives Norman, Oklahoma's newest craft brewer, Lazy Circles Brewing.

Named after those very same rings that drove my mother insane, they’re a laid back organization that only does one thing: make outstanding beer. That’s it. No food (though outside food is welcome in their Main St. taproom), dog-friendly (so bring your pooch), and just a great place for beer.

They started, like so many others, in a garage, but now have a brick and mortar spot where they’re slinging some of the finest brews in the Sooner State. I recommend the Scrappy’s Short and Stout, and Imperial Stout with hints of cherry and oak. Smooth-drinking, it’s the kind of stout you could have five of and still want a sixth. If IPAs are more your style, the Station 1 is a hoppy take on everyone’s favorite craft brew, balancing juicyness and bitterness to tickle your tongue and refresh you at the same time. The Dirtybird Red is a crisp and clear red ale that’s the perfect day drinker or a great accompaniment to a meal.

Whatever you’re feeling, Lazy Circles Brewing has something for you. And the best part is they’re just getting started. Norman residents are going to get to enjoy their masterful creations for years to come, much to the jealousy of out-of-towners like me.

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