Partner Spotlight: Lazy Dog Beer Shoppe

Partner Spotlight: Lazy Dog Beer Shoppe

Finally! Judgement-free Craft Beer Shopping.

Have you ever gone into one of those snooty liquor stores where the scarf- and glasses-clad clerk rolls his eyes the moment you walk in, absolutely certain you’re going to drag him away from his Pitchfork review of the latest Tame Impala album to ask him to do his job, or even worse, make a recommendation? “You haven’t tried the limited-release triple IPA from Hipster Brewing with a brew run of 6 bottles? Ugh. Why don’t you just have a Bud Light?”

Yeah, that’s the worst. Luckily there’s a place that’s the antithesis of this - it’s Lazy Dog Beer Shoppe in Londonderry, New Hampshire. Lazy Dog’s owners understand the intimidation that some places can add to the beer buying experience, especially for adventurous drinkers, and they wanted a store without the judgement.

Lazy Dog is the kind of place where you’ll not only want to roam the aisles checking out the full offerings, but you’re actually welcome to. And best of all, at Lazy Dog, everything is available in singles, so you’re not going to clog up the back of your fridge five bottles of that habanero-lime-basil ale that for some reason sounded good in the store but turned out to be less-than-fantastic.

They have an incredible selection of craft beers, both favorites you’ve heard of and love already, and new ones to discover. And if you don’t know what you want, don’t hesitate to ask - the staff loves helping people discover new beers (and local wines too).

Plus, Lazy Dog is dog-friendly. Honey, the store’s greeter mascot will greet you at the door and let you know this is the kind of store you’ll love. That’s how we knew Lazy Dog was the perfect place to become Beer Paw’s first East Coast partner.

So stop in. Pick up some Beer Paws and a new six pack, give Honey a scratch behind the ears, and explore their offerings.