Partner Spotlight: Madtown Flyers!

Partner Spotlight: Madtown Flyers!

Introducing the Dock-Diving Superstars: Bella and Maddie!

We had the privilege of interviewing two amazing athletes; both full of spunk and energy, ready to face their competition head on at the Go Pro Mountain Games and win! Just like an Olympic athlete, these two are serious about their training and love learning new things. The only difference? These two particular athletes will give you puppy dog eyes for a bite of your snack and wet, slobbery kisses if you shake their hand. The Madtown Flyers are an incredible duo of Chocolate Labs who compete nation-wide in Dock Diving and Dueling Dog competitions. They travel across the country competing and spreading love, wiggles, and kisses to everyone who wants one.

These two pups live for competition! Bella (Bella X-1) and Maddie (Air Maddie) are half-sisters who are as sweet as can be, but come alive and focused during the events that they compete in, especially ones that include Dock Diving. They are specialists and experts in dock diving and dueling dogs. As typical Labs, Bella and Maddie love people, but more than anything in the world, they adore: traveling, new adventures, and being active. Their team name “Madtown Flyers” was derived from their founding dog, Maddie, whose nickname is "Madtown." According to their mom, Molly, Maddie becomes an exhilarating beast during competition:

“Maddie is a sweet as they come and is a laid back lab, but when it comes to getting on the dock a transformation happens and she becomes a fiercely competitive, super excited, high flying, far flying, fast swimming beast. Maddie gets so excited and pumped up before she gets on the dock for Big Air competition she has created her own pre-game warmup routine. She likes to grab the rope on the end of her toy and whip it back and forth from side to side, then whirl around like a bucking bull with it. Then she will uncork herself and begin going in the other direction. I often have to make her stop.”

Bella, otherwise known as Wiggles, was named after the Bell X-1 aircraft Chuck Yeager piloted when he broke the sound barrier. Bella loves to soar off of the dock and fly through the air as lightning speeds. Her nickname “Wiggles” comes from her precarious way of knocking over your coffee or wine when you meet her because she is so incredibly friendly and happy when saying hello.

This amazing pair went head to head last March at the 2018 Dueling Dogs World Championships. Maddie missed 1st place by five one hundredths of a second and is more determined than ever for a chance at redemption in Vail this week at the Go Pro Mountain Games. This event is the girls’ favorite event and will take place in Vail, Colorado. Both of them will be competing in all three elements of Iron Dog: Big Air, Extreme Vertical & Speed Retrieve, as well as Dueling Dogs. Both Labs are fond of their home state of Colorado and can not wait to go back to where they competed in their first National Event back in 2014. This will be their fourth year competing.

Beer Paws is partnering with these incredible Labs during their competition in Colorado and we would love for people to stop by and check out The Madtown Flyers booth at the event. Bella and Maddie love meeting new people and will welcome any and all pets and belly rubs from their fans. Bella and Maddie also perform the best with applause and cheers from the crowd, so be sure to cheer them on during the competition! The Madtown Flyers will have some Beer Paws samples at their booth and you can use the code “MADTOWN10” at to get 10% off of your order.

The Madtown Flyers are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can follow and interact with them year round. We will be partnering with them for future events throughout the year, so be sure to follow them on social media!