Partner Spotlight: Meowijuana!

This month's partner spotlight is Meowijuana: a twist on your kitty's catnip. There's no doubt that your kitty will be fully relaxed with Meowijuana.
Partner Spotlight: Meowijuana!

“For Cats who Need the Weed”

 ... Meow, Meow, Meow, Purrrrrr.



Beer Paws has recently added a new item to our fast-growing inventory: Meowijuana. That's right. We’re not just a treat business for dog’s any more. We have special treats for the kitty in your life, too! Meowijuana is designed to encourage healthy and fun relaxation for your feline. It is a non-addictive and organic product that your kitties will go crazy for!

Meowijuana, a rapidly growing catnip business, uses creative packaging to advertise their fun snacks for cats. Based out of Kansas City, Meowijuana also distributes to over 30 countries and plans to expand their growth into even more businesses in the United States independent retail pet market.

Chris Glissman is the owner and founder of Meowijuana. The company’s slogan, “For Cats who Need the Weed,” says it all. Their premium catnip is packaged like marijuana and includes everything from jars of “buds” to hand rolled catnip joints.

The partnership with Beer Paws began with a phone call out of the blue. Crystal, the owner of Beer Paws, reached out to Chris at Meowijuana about his experience with a vendor. When the two owners discovered the compatibility of their products they decided to team up and a partnership was born.


“Everyone at Meowijuana is stoked about the opportunity to work with Beer Paws. Now, no matter what, your furry friend can hang out with you and partake in the good stuff. Both companies’ products are unique and fun on their own so we are excited to see what is possible when we join forces. With Beer Paws and Meowijuana your pets are sure to have just as much fun as you do.” - Chris Glissman, Founder and CEO of Meowijuana


Beer Paws is thrilled to be partnered with our friends at Meowijuana and we are excited to see where this partnership takes us. Now both your puppy and kitty family members can enjoy a nice treat while you relax at home together.


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