Partner Spotlight: Ozark Beer Company

Partner Spotlight: Ozark Beer Company

Just the good ol’ boys.

Remember the Dukes of Hazzard? Always looking for a good time, the Duke boys weren’t trying to cause trouble, their free spirit was something you’ll find across the south, from the hills of Georgia to the Ozark mountains. It’s a mindset that resonates, whether it’s in the music of Appalachia or the comfort food of the south. And now there’s a brewery that has captured it in a bottle.

Ozark Beer Company operates with a simple motto: hard work makes honest beer. A brewery that embodies the resiliency of the Southern working class, they’ve been in business since October 2013 making great beer.

It starts with the American Pale Ale. Hoppy and aromatic with hints of fruit and a light nuttiness, it’s light enough to drink all day, but flavorful enough to enjoy by the glass.

If you’re starting your drinking off early, what better way to start the day than with an Onyx Coffee Stout? Perfect for those chilly autumn mornings at a Razorback tailgate, this jet black masterpiece has flavors of cold-brewed coffee, bittersweet chocolate and French vanilla.

Ozark Beer Company currently has five year-round brews, with a rotating cast of seasonals. All of the beers are great, but perhaps the most unsung beer in existence is the BDCS, an American Double Stout. Universally acclaimed by nearly everyone who has the pleasure to try it (seriously, it has a 99 on, this pitch black stout comes in an unassuming can that belies none of the awesomeness inside. Fully-bodied with hints of oak, cocoa and fruit, it’s one of the most drinkable stouts you’ll ever encounter and deserves much more hype.

Really you can’t go wrong with anything from this brewery. Be on the lookout for it the next time you hit a liquor store in The Natural State. And tell ‘em the Duke boys sent ya. With any luck, Ozark Brewing Company will be selling their beers nationwide soon.