Partner Spotlight: Smoke Brewing Company

Learn more about Smoke Brewing Company, a fantastic small business in Downtown Lee's Summit. Be sure to try their Shredd Pork sandwich and pick up some Beer Paws biscuits during your meal.
Partner Spotlight: Smoke Brewing Company


The perfect combination!

Everybody knows that Kansas City is synonymous with the world’s best barbecue. Recently, thanks to the craft beer movement, it has also become known for fantastic beers. If only some enterprising visionary figured out a way to combine these two magical things…. someone, like for example, Smoke Brewing Company.

This downtown Lee's Summit based brewery and ‘cue restaurant combines the best that Kansas City has to offer, and once you’ve sampled their offerings, it seems amazing that no one had this idea before. Or maybe someone tried, but didn’t quite have both skills mastered quite like Smoke Brewing! Let me set your taste buds a-waterin’ with this line-up: the Shredd Pork sandwich, pulled pork on an egg bun with creamy slaw, jalapeño jam and garlic, washed down with the Keltic Kross, an Irish red ale with just the right balance of hops and malt.

Or if you are really hungry (or just love to eat like I do), be sure to try the Beef 3.0 platter - brisket, burnt ends and pulled brisket with your choice of sides, including fries, slaw, creamy corn riot or fried biscuits, washed down with a Black Utter milk stout, the creaminess of which provides the perfect counter-point to the smoky, tender meats.

Not super hungry? Be sure to get the chicken fried bacon to snack on. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you why that’s delicious. It goes great with a beer flight that lets you sample several of the fantastic in-house brews that Smoke Brewing concocts.

Anything you get at Smoke Brewing Company will leave you satisfied and wanting to come back again to try more. I guess that’s what happens when you combine world-class barbecue with fantastic craft beers!