Partner Spotlight: U-Wash Puppy!

Spend some quality time with your pup and get him squeaky clean, too! Be sure to check out today's partner spotlight, U-Wash Puppy, where you can  find our tasty Beer Paws treats while you give your dog a bath.
Partner Spotlight: U-Wash Puppy!

Scrub-a-dub dub: All doggies in the tub!

Has your pup recently become friends with a smelly squirrel or even a stinky trash can? Is he covered in dirt and grime but you JUST had your bathroom scrubbed and polished? No need to worry! There is a solution to getting your dog squeaky clean and keeping your bathroom spotless, too: U-Wash Puppy!

U-Wash Puppy, established in 1993, proudly carries the name of Kansas Cities first self-service dog wash. They have eight elevated, waist-high bathtubs (that can hold a pooch up to 200 pounds) and they provide the water, soap, brushes, towels, fragrance, and blow dryer for all of your dog’s bathing desires. Everything you need to wash away your pup's fowl stench is provided for you. U-Wash Puppy even supplies an apron to control the splatters and rubber mats to prevent slipping on the floor

Meredith DeNoon, the owner of U-Wash Puppy, loves supporting small businesses and charity organizations and you can find a selection of collars and treats from local businesses (including our Beer Paws treats!) in her store. Her adorable pup, Enzo, can usually be found hanging out by the bathtubs ready to hand out puppy smooches and tail wags to anyone who wants to say hello.

Pricing is determined by the size of your dog. Chihuahuas and Irish Wolf Hounds alike can enjoy a sudsy bath at U-Wash Puppy. They also have a groomer on-site if your pup needs a nail trim or his ears cleaned out, as well. Pedicures are not just for humans. Dogs love them, too!

Keep your bathroom at home in pristine condition and come spend some quality time with your pup at U-Wash Puppy. After some bubbles and perfume, be sure to check out the selection of collars, treats, and other fun products from local companies including our tasty beer biscuits from Beer Paws.

U-Wash Puppy: 7418 Nieman Rd, Shawnee, Kansas
Phone number: (913) 268-3939