Partner Spotlight: White Elm Brewing Company

Partner Spotlight: White Elm Brewing Company

When you love beer, it shows.

White Elm Brewing Company

Here at Beer Paws, we work with a lot of breweries, small ones, bigger ones, some you’ve heard of, others you may not have. But one thing they all have in common - a passion for beer and the desire to make the most amazing brews possible. And when someone really, really loves what they do, it shows. This is exactly the case with White Elm Brewing Company in Lincoln.


White Elm Brewing is one of those places where the passion is evident from the first time you walk in the door. Modern and stylish, with the brewery’s soon-to-be-iconic White Elm as a mural in the main area, you’ll feel welcome immediately. Which is great, because you should immediately find yourself a seat and order a beer.


If it’s your first time in White Elm Brewing Company, I recommend you start with a flight. With four 4-oz beers, it’s the perfect way to work your way through the 12 beers on tap, delighting your palate and finding which ones you love best.


Personally, I love the Biere de Garde, a traditional Amber brew made with French malt and bottle-conditioned for a complex and constantly developing flavor. If you want something a bit more hoppy, try out the Skinny Legs IPA. A traditional American IPA, it has hints of pine, stone fruit and citrus and a crisp hop-driven finish.


If you’re a more adventurous beer drinker, and I hope you are, I highly recommend the Hibiscus Farmhouse Ale. Rich and tangy, it has just the right amount of hibiscus to tickle your tastebuds without overwhelming you.


No matter what you choose, you really can’t go wrong. The Rollo Pale Wheat, Scotch Ale and Grisette Saison are all amazing. It’s why I recommend the flight. You’d be doing yourself a disservice to visit White Elm and not sample a variety of their fantastic brews. Trust me. You won’t regret it.