What Are Spent Grain Dog Biscuits?

What Are Spent Grain Dog Biscuits?

If you are anything like us, not a whole lot of things top cracking open a delicious beer while hanging out with your dog. After all, beer and dogs are the two greatest things to happen to humankind since, well, beer and dogs. Here at Beer Paws, we are dedicated to the goal of turning your dog into a better drinking buddy, and our spent grain Beer Biscuits are our way of celebrating man’s best friend and man’s best drink.

But some of you are probably asking yourselves, “What exactly are spent grain dog biscuits?”


Beer Paws Beer Biscuits are nutrient-rich, healthy and delicious dog treats that combine the spent grains from craft breweries all across the Midwest with peanut butter, eggs and enriched flour to make high-protein, high-fiber and low-fat doggy delicacies that pups of all breeds can enjoy alongside their favorite beer-drinking human.

Spent grains, the main ingredient in these canine candies, are the leftover by-product of various cereal grains used in the process of brewing beer.

Beer consists of four basic ingredients: water, yeast, hops and malt extract. This malt extract is created by taking cereal grains and adding them to hot water in order to turn complex starches into simple sugars that are more conducive to the fermenting process. When all is said and done and the malt extract is ready to be added to the brewing process, what is left behind is spent grain.

With sustainability in mind and in an effort to minimize waste, brewers have long found creative and innovative methods of repurposing these spent grains, from composting all the way to turning them into fuel sources. Here at Beer Paws, we’ve found our own way of repurposing these spent grains to make Beer Paws spent grain Beer Biscuits.

With several varieties of dog biscuits unique to the breweries whose spent grains we used to make them, Beer Paws spent grain dog biscuits are the perfect way to let your pup appreciate craft beer as much as you do.