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Dog Beer in Cans - By Popular Demand

Shipping begins September 2022

We are excited to announce a packaging update to our popular Craft Beer for Dogs. Starting in September, Beer Paws Craft Beer for Dogs will be available in 12 oz aluminum cans. Not only is this packaging choice more environmentally friendly (and totally recyclable), it also means your pup gets more Beer Paws to drink! At 12 ounces, these cans include 4 additional ounces of pure doggy brew compared to our original bottles.

Place your pre-order today to guarantee that your dog is among the first to receive Beer Paws in a can! Orders will ship at the beginning of September 2022.


We brew a special kind of beer just for dogs. Potent in a good way, it contains beef base, malt extract and  K9 Glucosamine. Don’t worry – this brew is alcohol-free! Your dog will love to lap up Beer Paws Doggy Beer anytime, but we recommend splashing some on their regular meals. Adding the beer is a great way to enhance the appetite of a finicky or older dog. You can also freeze the beer in ice cube trays for a refreshing treat on a hot day.

  • Single cans contain 12 ounces of dog beer

    Special instructions: Shake well; refrigerate after opening; use often.


    Filtered water, malt extract, beef base, K9 glucosamine