Beer Paws Releases New and Improved Packaging

Beer Paws introduces new packaging for 12-ounce containers of its most popular flavor of peanut butter dog treats.
Beer Paws Releases New and Improved Packaging

Peanut Butter Beer Biscuits Reveal a Summer Makeover

Photo credit: @lunaticsupermutt

Kansas City, MO: Beer Paws, founded by Crystal Wiebe, is proud to announce the arrival of their new 12-ounce tubs filled with their signature peanut butter dog treats. With exceptional color and shine, these new tubs, adorned in red and with fun facts about the company, will look pristine and personable on any retail shelf. The peanut butter treats, a top seller at Beer Paws, are made from the spent grains from local breweries across the country. Not only are these treats delicious and drool-worthy, but they are also high in protein and high in fiber which are essential nutrients to your dog’s diet.

The new packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable. Once your pup has tasted every treat, you can re-use the tub to store even more. The durable packaging will keep the already long-lasting treats fresher than ever before, allowing you to spoil your pup with a fresh and tasty treat for a longer length of time.

We interviewed some of Beer Paws’ most loyal customers and asked for their thoughts and feelings about the peanut butter treats. Here is what they had to say:

“Bark, bark, bark-ity, bark. Beer makes everything better, right? Beer Paws Peanut Butter biscuits are no exception! Every time mum gives me one I always beg for more! It’s impossible to just eat one of the crunchiest, most delicious treats ever!!” - Corio the Mutt (@corio_themutt)

“I love their Peanut Butter treats more than I love swimming!” -Enzo (@enzo_sadventures)

“Treats?! Sure, but only if they’re Peanut Butter Beer Paws!” - Dottie (@ingram.em)

“Nothing makes me drool more than my nighttime Peanut Butter Beer Paws snack!” -Boomer (@ingram.em)

Just in time for a summer time patio snack, these treats and their shiny new packaging are available on the company’s website. You can order your tub of biscuits at: Use code “RYLEE10” at check out for 10% off your order.

About Beer Paws: Beer Paws, a Kansas City based company founded in 2013 by Crystal Wiebe, is dedicated to celebrating the relationship we beer drinkers have with our dogs.