Beer Paws Releases Retail Starter Kit

Beer Paws now features a "Retail Starter Kit" perfect for any business looking to sell our products.
Beer Paws Releases Retail Starter Kit

Top-selling Products are Retail Ready


Kansas City, MO: Beer Paws, founded in 2013 by Crystal Wiebe, is releasing a retail starter kit to the public. Beer Paws uses the spent grains from local breweries to make their dog biscuits. The starter kit will include six 12-ounce tubs of biscuits, twelve 6-ounce bags of biscuits, and twelve of their signature dog beers.


This starter kit is the perfect way for retail stores to feature the most trendy products from the Beer Paws headquarters:


  • The 12-ounce tubs of biscuits are a gleaming color of red and display excellent fun facts about Beer Paws, including pictures of their dog ambassadors. These recyclable and reusable tubs are ready to be presented on any retail shelf. The durable packaging will help keep the customer’s favorite treats as fresh as possible.
  • The 6-ounce bags of biscuits are feature stickers indicating Beer Paws brewery partners. This size of package is the top seller for Beer Paws and are sure to fly off the shelves.

Beer Paws Peanut Butter biscuits are the perfect after dinner snack! They’re the best treat, when I can get my paws on one!” -Malcolm (@anticsofangus)

  • The bottles of beer recently won the title of “Best Dog Beer According to Dogs” in a video taste test, where multiple other dog beers were taste tasted. This specialty dog beer contains a beef base, malt extract, and vegetarian K9 Glucosamine which is good for a pup’s hips and joints. Beer Paws dog beer is best served poured over kibble or can be put into the freezer for a tasty snack.

Oh my gawd. This beer was SO yummy. My brother drank his so quick that he tried to steal mine!” -Athena (@athenanares)

If interested in wholesale pricing, contact Beer Paws through their website at


About Beer Paws: Beer Paws believes that the relationship between a human and their dog is worth celebrating and encourages people to bond with their dog over a good brew.