Brewery Spotlight: Double Shift Brewing Company

Brewery Spotlight: Double Shift Brewing Company

Had a hard day? Why not do a Double Shift?

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Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seemed to go right? Where every time you turned around, your boss was on your back about something? Or things kept breaking down, causing you nothing but stress and headache? That’s when you need to do a Double Shift.

No, don’t pick up some extra hours at work – head on over to the Crossroads district in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, and pull up a stool at Double Shift Brewing Company. The perfect respite from the hassles of daily life, Double Shift is a no frills kind of place that does one thing and one thing only: beer. No food, no pool tables, no pretension. Just good beer. The kind you need after a hard day.

Located at 18th and Oak, Double Shift has a cool industrial feel, including those garage-sized doors that roll up when the weather’s nice. Even better, it has a variety of brews to choose from, each better than the last.  One of the most popular is Run Around Rye, a hazy, copper-colored brew with a sweet caramel undertone offset by a spicy bite from the rye.

They also brew an amazing Pub Ale, known as the Briar and Bramble. Creamy and fruity, it has a light malty sweetness that is both simple and tasty. It’s the kind of beer you can drink all day and still love as much the last pint as you did the first.

The cast of beers rotates throughout the year, but there’s sure to be something for every palate. From the Harvest Wheat to the Midnight Harvest Sour Ale, the Bring Out Your Dead Coffee Ale to the Berries of Wrath, this is seriously good beer in a super cool environment.

So next First Friday, Second Tuesday, Fifth Wednesday, or pretty much any day, if you’re in the Crossroads, be sure to stop in for a pint. And tell ‘em Beer Paws sent ya.

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