Brewery Spotlight: Nebraska Brewing Company

Brewery Spotlight: Nebraska Brewing Company

Great beer doesn’t happen by accident. Or does it?

Most of the brewery partners Beer Paws works with pride themselves on their recipes, usually taking years of tweaking, adjusting and experimentation to find just the right mix. But sometimes, greatness happens by chance. That’s what happened with Nebraska Brewing Company’s flagship brew Cardinal Pale Ale.

Way back in 2005, then homebrewer Paul Kavulak was trying to brew a pale ale with a nose of bright Cascade Hops. Repeated experiments weren’t yielding the results he wanted, and after a particularly stressful day, he dumped an entire bag of Cascade leaf hops in the fermenter in a fit of rage. 

Two weeks later he came back to check on the beer and was immediately greeted by the crisp, clean aroma he was looking for. Encouraged, he carbonated and finished the beer, and a Midwestern classic was born.

And what better way to promote a fantastic brew than by opening your very own brewpub? With the support and blessing of his wife Kim, he quit his job and in November 2007, Nebraska Brewing Company opened its doors. The rest, as they say, is history.

But of course one fantastic beer, does not a brewery make. Paul and Kim have a full spectrum of great brews on their roster, including the Brunette Nut Brown Ale, an English-style brown ale with a nutty flavor and coffee, toffee and caramel undertones, the Infinite Wit, a light-bodied Belgian wit with orange peel and coriander, and a beer inspired by Omaha’s favorite sons, 311. The 311 Amber Ale (because Amber is the color of your energy) is a collaboration between Nebraska Brewing Company, Rock Brothers Brewing, Cigar City Brewing and of course, 311, themselves, is an American amber that’s as enjoyable as a summer evening with your favorite band.

And if you’re in Papillion, be sure to stop by Nebraska Brewing Company’s brewpub where the beers pair perfectly with a full menu in a casual atmosphere and a fantastic patio.

See, at Nebraska Brewing Company, genius may happen by accident, but consistent excellence does not. Stop by today. You won’t regret it.