Brewery Spotlight: Torn Label Brewing Company

Brewery Spotlight: Torn Label Brewing Company

The Art of Brewing

If you’re a beer drinker in Kansas City, you know about Torn Label Brewing Company. They might not be as big as that famous brewery just down the way, but the beer they make is every bit as fantastic. And that’s really saying something. 

Torn Label BiscuitsTorn Label was founded in 2014 by a group of beer-loving friends with the goal of creating the type of challenging and adventurous beer they liked to drink. Drawing on the best European traditions, they embraced the American craft brew movement and came up with some of the best beer you’ll find anywhere. They really are works of art. 

Start with the Magic Magic. An India Pale Ale brewed with raspberry and lemon peel, it’s simultaneously smooth and bitter, with a satisfying hoppiness and fruity notes. This masterpiece is brewed in collaboration with local artist Thomas Woodward

From there move on to Quadillo Quadrupel Ale. A true beer aficionado’s beer, this complex ale opens with the sweetness of sugar cane before gradually giving way to the pleasing, and perhaps unexpected heat of sweet and spicy peppers. An easy-drinking quad, it’s sure to delight your palate. 

And you would be remiss to pass up the Monk & Honey Belgian Pale Ale. Surprisingly versatile, it has a misleadingly sweet nose, for this isn’t a sugary brew, but instead is elegantly light. With just a hint of honey, this is a beer unlike any other. In a good way.

Torn Label is a brewery you don’t want to miss. Their intimate taproom is located right next to the brewery in downtown Kansas City. As one-of-a-kind as their brews, it was created by local artist Peter Warren

Stop in for a pint or five. You won’t be disappointed.

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