Cheers to 8 Years of Beer Paws

Cheers to 8 Years of Beer Paws

Eight years ago this month, Beer Paws was born.

In May of 2013, I first marketed my idea for a bottle opener tag for dog collars, at a Cinco de Mayo pet event in downtown Kansas City.

Soon after, I started collecting spent grains from beermakers to mix into dough for dog treats. Next came the canine brews. And somewhere in that time came all the fun swag, like koozies and clothes, to help us all celebrate "the love of good times with good dogs."

Within just a couple of years, my little Cape Cod on the corner had turned into a factory, and I was running my passion as a full-time small business. Turns out, a lot of other people related to my idea of your dog as your "drinking buddy!"

So much of the story is a blur of beer fests and dog hair, as Beer Paws connected with pet lovers and breweries all over the country. I've always loved making new friends at the Beer Paws tent, wherever we set up. 

Between travel and treat making though, it wasn't long before there was far too much Beer Paws work for one person (and volunteer loved ones) to manage, so I enlisted help - even when I couldn't afford it.

Eight years later, I can't raise my glass high enough to thank everyone who has contributed over the years - by baking treats, slinging them at shows and doing everything else it takes, including BUYING the products - to help keep this entrepreneur's dream alive.

Like everyone else's, my world changed big time in 2020. The pandemic and its stop on event selling changed the way Beer Paws does a lot of its business; and I also became a mom to human child.

Fortunately, with the continued support of Beer Paws customers, a cooperative arrangement with another woman-owned pet business and my hardheaded determination, the dream lives on.

Eight years in, I am so proud to say Beer Paws is still here, offering handcrafted dog treats and so much more for our "drinking buddies" all over the world. 

Thank you all for being part of the journey.