How to Keep Your Dog Safe at Festivals

How to Keep Your Dog Safe at Festivals

Festivals are so much fun, and it is true that everything is better with your dog. When bringing your dog to a festival, though, safety has to remain the number one priority. Below are some tips for keeping your furry friend safe and happy while attending any sort of festival.

Crowd Chaos

Where there are festivals, there are crowds. Crowds can sometimes create an unhealthy degree of anxiety for your pup. One great way to prevent that anxiety from cropping up is exposing your dog to smaller crowds prior to the festival. Socialize him with people and get him walking in more urban environments so that the festival is not an overwhelming shock. Doing so will prevent him from panicking and keep him safe when attending a festival with an overwhelming large crowd.

Heat Hazard

Festivals, especially when they occur in the summer, get downright hot. And if you are feeling the effects of the sun without too many layers on, your furry Fido is feeling it even more than you are. It is crucial that you remain vigilant of the surrounding area to keep your dog near a water source and away from hot concrete. Some kinds of asphalt will not hurt your dog's paws, but you want to avoid having an injured dog without taking any unnecessary risks. Try to keep your pup in the grass and away from anything too hot that might hurt him.

Set Boundaries

Your dog is probably friendly to everyone if you are considering bringing him to a festival. Sometimes pups can get overwhelmed and overexcited, though, and a festival can be the perfect storm for that combination. One way to help your dog stay safe is to keep him leashed while at a festival. You can also let people know whether it is okay to pet him, that way he isn't being bombarded with too much affection at once. Creating a safe space for him at a festival by setting these boundaries will help your dog remain happy, healthy and comfortable at any festival you attend.

Just because you have a dog doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a fun festival. While a little more planning might have to go into attending beforehand, it is worth it to be able to spend a day of fun in the sun with your pup. By following the tips above, you can do so, and rest assured that your dog remains safe in the process.

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