Making a Dog Room for Your Pup

Our dogs need a space to call their own, and an area set aside for us to play with them. If a pup has been part of your family for a while or if you are looking to add a new dog to your life, consider adding a dog room so they can have this space of their own.

Making a Dog Room for Your Pup

Everyone needs their own space, and our furry friends are no different. Our dogs need a space to call their own, and an area set aside for us to play with them. If a pup has been part of your family for a while or if you are looking to add a new dog to your life, consider adding a dog room so they can have this space of their own.

When planning this room, remember a few things. They will need an adequately sized space that is easy for them to access. They need their treats and toys in the area, and you will need a place for your valuables. You will also want to make sure it is easy to clean in case there are any accidents. With the proper planning, you can ensure this is a perfect space for you and your pup.


No two dogs are built the same, and a room for your dog should be planned accordingly. If you have a small dog like a beagle or a huge mastiff, you’ll need to consider your dog’s size. You’ll also need to think of how energetic your dog might be and how much space they will need to run around. How much room are you planning to give your dog to play? Or is the room just an area where they will rest? These are major considerations, and the room will need to be adjusted to these needs. You don’t want your dog to feel cramped, but you also don’t want to give them too much space if the area you have for yourself is limited. Further, think about what else will be in the room. We are sure you will want to be with your dog in their space. Will you need a place to sit? Will your dog need a bed? Make sure you are giving everyone enough room to live as you build a dog room.

Location, Location, Location

Once you know the size of the room you want to build, where will the room go? If it is a small space, maybe you can fit it under a staircase. If you're using a stand alone garage for your cars and storage, you can dedicate some space in the attached garage. If you have an extra bedroom, your dog can take up residence there. You should also think about how you and your furry friend will access the room and how easily accessible it will need to be. A modular garage or shed make great areas for pups, but they will not be attached to your house. If you need to escort your dog to their space, will you be willing to do that while it is cold or raining outside? Make sure your dog’s room is easy to get to, so getting to the room will not be a pain.

Make It Easy to Clean

Even the best-behaved dog likes a good mud bath every once in a while. They also like to find a stuffed toy and play with it until it looks like it exploded. If you are looking to add a puppy to your life, think about using the dog room as a training area. If this is the case, there are sure to be accidents you will need to clean up. When planning your dog room, plan to clean up a mess every once in a while. Try to add easy to clean surfaces and reduce the amount of carpet so that cleaning is not too difficult. Easy to clean surfaces should reduce stress during housetraining or even after your pup takes their beloved mud bath. Remember, this is their area, but you can make sure it is a livable area for everyone in your home.

Keep It Well-Stocked

If you are training your dog, you will need treats. Even if your dog is already trained, they will also need treats. Make sure you keep treats either in or near your dog’s room so you can have them whenever your four-legged friend deserves them. Also, make sure there are plenty of toys available for your dog. This is their area, and it is where you want them to be. Make sure you are stocking the space with things they enjoy, so they love the room. Not to mention, by keeping your dog’s toys in the room, you can establish a boundary for yourself. Their place is for their toys and treats, while your valuables can stay safe in your area of the house.

Make Sure it’s Safe for All Involved

This room is an area for your dog to play and an area for you to play with your dog. Make sure you keep the room safe for all involved. We all know that our dogs can have bursts of energy. When these bursts happen, try to minimize the sharp corners in the room so you can reduce any painful accidents. Also, think about the location of the room. While you should keep treats and toys on hand, try not to store anything your dog can’t eat near the area. For example, you might need to keep your dog’s room near your laundry room. This does not mean you should use your dog’s room to store your detergent. If you do need to keep your detergent either in or near the dog’s room, make sure it is put away and locked up. You don’t want your dog confusing their treats with something that will make them sick. This is their room; make sure it is safe.

Everyone needs their own space. Your furry friend is no different. Consider giving your dog its own room. If you decide to give them their space, make sure it is the right size, adequately stocked, and it is a safe area for them to play in. Do everything you can to make sure they are happy and healthy so that their tails are wagging all day.

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