Meet Our New Mascot and Help Rescue Pups Like Her

Meet Our New Mascot and Help Rescue Pups Like Her

When's the last time you fell in love?

miniature pinscher

For me, it happened a few weeks ago, around midnight, in a stranger's driveway. A volunteer for Heartstrings Animal Advocates handed me a fat lump of miniature pinscher who had been plucked from a shelter in Amarillo, Texas. The nameless, stinky creature seemed to melt into my arms. "She's very sweet, not snippy at all, like min pins can be," the other woman said.

"Uh-oh," I thought.

If you've ever been involved with animal rescue, you know how this story goes.

The middle-aged black-and-tan dog was only supposed to stay with me for about 10 days, until there was room at her real foster home. My house already felt full with two dogs and frequent other canine guests, so there was NO CHANCE I'd take on another pup permanently. Right?

Well, you try saying no to this face.

miniature pinscher

Luseal, as the doggo came to be known, settled right in at Beer Paws HQ. The other dogs accepted her, even though she stole their beds and hogged all human attention.

At first, the gals who help me make and sell our products tried to dissuade me from keeping the critter, for practical reasons. But she wooed them, too, with her bug eyes and big belly. When she had to go away for a couple weeks to have a tumor removed, everyone agreed the factory felt weird without "the seal." 

We were reunited on Easter, and now she's home for good, enjoying life at the dog equivalent of a Willy Wonka factory and making occasional appearances at Beer Paws events.

In honor of Luseal, this month, we are donating 10% of online sales to the organization that saved her.

Heartstrings Animal Advocates is a non-profit animal rescue organization based in El Dorado, Kansas. Founded in June 2016, Heartstrings volunteers have helped save 200 animal lives so far, pulling from local and out of state shelters and accepting owner surrenders.

Please help support Heartstrings Animal Advocates by sharing this post, shopping at and by donating directly to the rescue.