Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. The Beer Paws Holiday Gift Guide.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. The Beer Paws Holiday Gift Guide.

Beer, dogs and the perfect item for everyone on your list. 

Who's a good dog?

Thanks to the Beer Paws Holiday Gift Guide, holiday gift giving just got a little easier. Whether it’s wishing your basset hound a howl-y, jowl-y Christmas, or extending season’s greetings to your favorite beer lover, you’re sure to find the perfect item here. 

Stocking stuffers for your four-legged friends

Edible Treats

Oh yeah, holiday food. Ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cookies. Oh my god, the cookies. While you’re pigging out, don’t forget your faithful four-legged companion. These all-natural dog treats are made from recycled barely grain from craft breweries, enriched flour and eggs. Available in 6 oz, 12 oz and 10 biscuit snack packs, they’re a favorite with the furry crowd.

Doggy Beer

While you’re pounding a sixer to avoid engaging in a political debate with your crazy uncle, don’t forget about your dog. He has to listen to those ramblings too. Commiserate while you share a brew and pretend like you didn’t hear that casually racist remark.

CBD American Shaman Canine Hemp Oil Tincture

This time of year is stressful for your mutt too. Help her mellow out with this CBD supplement that combats anxiety, joint discomfort and a whole host of other disorders.  Made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

Hand-stamped Metal Bottle Opener for Collars and Leashes

Apparently “society” has a “problem” with people drinking alone. Tell those busybodies to stuff it. You’re not alone – you’re with your best drinking buddy. So what if he happens to have a tail? And unlike some other people, he doesn’t judge you. Plus, he always has a bottle opener. So mind your own business, Aunt Linda.

Leather Bottle Cap Studded Collar

Want to make your mutt the envy of the neighborhood? Outfit him in a stylish bottle cap studded collar. All the other dogs will howl in envy at this unique and super cool collar customizable in your choice of color and caps.  

Original Beer Paws Bottle Opener for Collars and Leashes

The item that started it all, this bottle opener easily attaches to any collar or leash. And that means as long as you’ve got your drinking buddy with you, you don’t have to worry about finding an opener. Just give a whistle and you’re all set. Now if only you could teach him to fetch the beer from the fridge…


Stocking stuffers for your two legged friends

Beer Coaster Six Pack

If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it. That doesn’t apply to coffee tables. Give the gift of ring-free furniture to the beer drinkers in your life with these paperboard coasters. 

Beer Paws Beer Koozies

Beer Paws koozies are a great stocking stuffer. For best results, follow this simple formula for a great time: 1. Get beer. 2. Place beer in Beer Paws koozie to ensure it stays cool. 3. Enjoy and repeat. 

Bottle Sweater

Every real drinker knows the biggest problem with beer is keeping it cold when temperatures rise. Help your drinking buddies stay frosty all year long with this knit sweater that stretches to fit any bottle from a 12 oz long neck to a 2 liter soda bottle. 

Craft Beer Soy Wax CANdles

Back in your college days, a visit from mom usually meant scurrying around picking up all the beer cans. But even your mom will love to have these cans lying around. Upcycled from craft breweries, each can is a hand-poured, long-burning soy way candle. Available in your choice of scents: IPA, Pumpkin Ale, Coffee Stout, Room Refresher and Coconut Porter. The Room Refresher contains an enzyme to help break down pet odors. Custom orders also available. Each candle comes with a Beer Paws Koozie.

Cookies & Beer: Bake, Pair, Enjoy Book

Beer and cookies. Cookies and beer. You love both, why enjoy them separately? This cookbook from Kansas City author Johnathon Bender is full of cookie recipes and beer-pairing recommendations from brewers, bakers and beer aficionados. And it even includes a recipe just for your dog! 


Clothing for dogs


Drinking Buddy Baseball Tee

Is your pooch sexy and she knows it? She’s sure to look even hotter in this awesome ¾ sleeve baseball shirt that’s equally at home whether your mutt is on the baseball diamond, patrolling the back yard or curled up under your stool at the bar. 

Drinking Buddy Hoodie

It’s a fact: nothing is cooler or more comfortable than a hoodie. But why should humans be the only ones who get to enjoy them? Now your dog can chill out and look great in an official Beer Paws Drinking Buddy hoodie. This super soft, zip-up hoodie is made especially for dogs by American Apparel, and screen printed in Kansas City. 

Drinking Buddy Muscle Shirt for Dogs

Gym. Tan. Laundry. A routine to live by. Or in the case of your mutt, it’s more likely, nap, eat, play. But he still looks great. Help him show off that hot bod with a super stretchy tank top that’s guaranteed to send all the female dogs into heat. (Not really guaranteed, but he’ll look fantastic.)


Clothing for humans

Beer Paws Brand Tee

Strutting with your mutt has never looked so good. This soft wash t-shirt is perfect for anyone who loves the two best things on earth: dogs and beer.  Give it with a matching dog-sized tee to make the best-looking interspecies twins of all time. 

Beer Paws Drinking Buddy Hoodies for Humans

What do you get for the person who has everything? A Beer Paws hoodie! Soft and warm, it’s perfect over a tee, under a heavy coat or as a light jacket. Plus it looks great!

Beer Paws Drinking Buddy Tank Top

When you’re chilling out with your best buds, who can be bothered with the formality of sleeves? This tank top will keep anyone feeling and looking cool while they pound back the brewskis. 

Drinking Buddy Onesie

Your little ones might be a long way from legal drinking age, but that’s all the more reason why they drive you to drink. Do it together as a family with this adorable infant onesie for your littlest drinking buddy. 

Drinking Buddy Pullover Hoodie

Whether it’s training for a bout with Apollo Creed, bundling up against the wintery chill or just lounging on the couch with a six pack, nothing beats a good hoodie. Stay warm and look cool in this super soft pullover hoodie

I (Dog) KC Shirts

Cowtown. The City of Fountains. The Heart of America. Show your pride in your city and your canine with this awesome tee. Soft, breathable and comfortable, it’s the perfect gift for friends around town or far away. Available in Boxer, Lab, Pit Bull, or Australian shepherd breeds.

Kitty in the City Tee

Do you have a friend that doesn’t like dogs? Report them to the House Un-American Activities Committee right away! Or if you must, show them some love with this slick tee made specifically for people who love both cats and Kansas City. 


Gift Sets

Dog Birthday Party Favors

It’s not a holiday party until somebody breaks out the gifts. Whether your dog is a party animal or a wallflower, she’ll love looking great while taking part in the fun. Each package contains a 10-piece snack pack, 1 doggy beer and 1 Drinking Buddy muscle tee in your choice of sizes. It’s sure to make your beagle the belle of the ball. 

Birthday Gift Sets for Dogs

Christmas may be Jesus’s birthday, but that doesn’t mean he should get all the presents. Celebrate your pup’s birthday, or adoption day, or anniversary of the time he didn’t pee on the carpet with a Beer Paws birthday gift set

The Puppy Pack contains a snack pack of Beer Paws biscuits, an official Beer Paws koozie and an original Beer Paws bottle opener for collars and leashes. The Little Buddy contains all of that, plus a bottle sweater for wine and beer bottles. And the Big Dawg contains a 12 oz bag of biscuits, and 8 oz bottle of Doggy Beer, a hand-stamped “Certified Beer Paws Drinking Buddy” bottle opener, an original Beer Paws bottle opener for collars and leashes, a koozie, and a bottle sweater. 

I (Dog) KC Gift Sets

Do you know someone who loves both dogs and Kansas City? Besides everyone? Help them show off their pride with this holiday gift set featuring an I (Dog) KC t-shirt, a 6 oz. bag of peanut butter Beer Biscuits and a Beer Paws sweater koozie. 

New Dog Drinking Buddy Welcome Kit

Friend got a new dog? Or maybe you did. Welcome him to the pack with a joint human-canine gift set. Including a 6 oz. bag of Beer Paws Biscuits, an 8 oz bottle of Doggy Beer, a glow-in-the-dark button bottle opener for collars and leashes, plus an official Beer Paws can koozie and bottle sweater, it has everything needed to build a bond the right way – over beers. 

Ultimate Drinking Buddy Swag Bundle

Swag isn’t a style, it’s an attitude. But the right gear goes a long way too. Show your pack pride everywhere with a Beer Paws Drinking Buddy hoodie, official logo tee and can cooler.  Guaranteed to be a hit whether you’re cruising for chicks at the dog park, knocking a few back at a beer fest, or just hanging out with friends.

Special thanks to Abby the Chautauqua Fire Dog for letting use her image in this post.