Partner Spotlight: 405 Brewing Co.

Partner Spotlight: 405 Brewing Co.

Just good beer.

While I love gastropubs, with their fusion of great food and cocktails, there’s something to be said for places that just do beer. Especially when they just do great beer. Places like 405 Brewing Company in Norman, Oklahoma.

Located in the heart of Sooner country, don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a brewery and taproom just for beer-swilling college kids. Because while the younger drinkers love the beer here, they’re tasty enough to satisfy even the most sophisticated beer snob.

And it starts with the FDR. You might think this imperial stout is an homage to our 32nd president. It’s not. FDR stands for F*** the Damn Rules, an apt name for this stout that punches way out of its weight class. Brewed with five varieties of chocolate and steeped in coffee from Mariposa Coffee Roastery, it’s delightfully thick and creamy, while maintaining incredible balance.

Looking for something complex? I highly recommend the Manly Barley Wine Ale. Made in the English barleywine style, this amber-colored ale has a sweet aroma paired with a dry, herbal flavor and a boozy backend.

Or if you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing (and in the middle of an Oklahoma summer, who isn’t?), the Cool for the Summer is the perfect choice. An ale with lime and mint, it’s the perfect way to keep cool when the temperature reaches surface of the sun levels.

With a rotating cast of beers, you’re sure to find something great. They have limited runs on brews like the Lime Tart, a rum barrel-aged sour and the Yeah! Tropical Session IPA.

So the next time you’re in Norman, or come across on of the locations throughout Oklahoma that has 405 beers on tap, do yourself a favor. Get yourself a bottle, pint or growler. It’s just good beer.