Partner Spotlight: Anthem Brewing Company

Partner Spotlight: Anthem Brewing Company

Stand out for all the right reasons.

Anthem Brewing CompanyWe craft beer lovers are sometimes unfairly categorized as snobs or hipsters. To the old domestic-swilling beer drinkers, they look at our love of hoppy or nuanced beers with suspicion, like we’re looking down on them. But they’ve got it all wrong. We’re not against Bud Light or Miller High Life – we’re just adventurous souls looking for beers with a taste as unique as our personalities.

If you’re in Oklahoma City, you’ll find that beer in one place – Anthem Brewing Company. A brewery that prides itself on standing out from the crowd, they whip up more than a few fantastic beers sure to appeal to your adventurous side. 

For example, try out the Golden One, a Belgian-style blonde ale with a satisfying citrus flavor and aftertaste. Golden (duh) and creamy, it’s medium bodied  and crisp with an herbal finish you’ll love. 

If stouts are more to your liking, go with the Uroboros Stout. With molasses and chocolate tones, this is a medium-bodied stout that will tickle your palate without overwhelming it.  

These two are Anthem Brewing’s core offerings, along with the Arjuna Belgian Wit and their trademark IPA, but like so many other skillful brewers, they’ve also branched out into seasonals and special releases. 

If you can get your hands on it, don’t miss the Griffalo, a sour brown ale, or the Festivus, a bourbon barrel-aged holiday ale. Really, you can’t go wrong with anything Anthem Brewing puts out. 

If you’re in the Sooner State, make sure to stop into their taproom and sample their full offering. And you’ll see what I mean about standing out for all the right reasons.