Partner Spotlight: Black Scintilla

Partner Spotlight: Black Scintilla

What's in a Name?

black scintilla oklahoma city

Sometimes a name says it all. And sometimes a name just hints at the depth behind it. That’s the case with Oklahoma City’s The Black Scintilla. A scintilla is a trace or spark of a quality or feeling. Just an iota or whisper. But The Black Scintilla is so much more.

Located in the trendy midtown section of the city, it’s one of those hip and intriguing boutiques that caters to the whimsical and imaginative. It’s the kind of place where you wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find a guide to being a catlady hobnobbing with stylish sweaters and bags.

It’s why Beer Paws fits right in. You see, like The Black Scintilla, we appreciate diversity and character. We want to appeal to dogs of all sizes and shapes, just like they appeal to all types of people. 

And while we’re Midwest made and Midwest proud, The Black Scintilla embraces a cosmopolitan styles. Owner Racheal Gruntmeier finds her inspiration from exotic locales and far-flung destinations like Rome and Los Angeles, then brings that feel and excitement back to her shop in the Sooner State.

Full of unique and eclectic items, including Beer Paws, it’s the kind of store you’ll love to pop into, just to see what kind of fun things they have in stock. Whatever you need, whether it’s gifts, home goods, apparel, accessories or pet supplies, you’ll find only the most fun and best items at The Black Scintilla.