Partner Spotlight: Boulevard Beer Hall

You already know I love Boulevard Beer. Just like every other beer drinker in Kansas City. But what you may not know is that in addition to their many, many fantastic beers, Boulevard also lays claim to the coolest event spot in all of Kansas City, and possibly in the entire world. Of course I’m talking about the Boulevard Beer Hall.

A fairly recent addition to Boulevard’s facility, it’s the perfect place to try the full sampling of wonderful beers they offer. You can drop in before or after a brewery tour, or just any time you feel like kicking back in a cool space and sipping on a few delicious brews.

And it’s not just beer on the menu either. The have a kitchen offering a variety of bar snacks, meat, cheese and veggie trays, and their signature item – the pretzel dog. You read that right – a hot dog served in a pretzel. If the beer wasn’t enough to get you in the door, that alone should do it.

And because Boulevard has good old-fashioned Midwest values, kids are always welcome. They can’t enjoy the fantastic beers, but there’s a variety of locally made sodas and flavored Shatto milks to choose from.

The next time you hit Southwest Boulevard, maybe en route or coming from Manny’s, Ponaks or one of the other Mexican joints, why not stop in the Boulevard Beer Hall and kick a few back? I promise you’ll have fun.