Partner Spotlight: Bricktown Brewery

Partner Spotlight: Bricktown Brewery

A simple mission — great taste.

While there’s definitely something to be said for creativity and diversity, when it comes to brewing beer, there’s really only one thing that matters: does it taste good? If you’re talking about Bricktown Brewery in Oklahoma City, then the answer to that is a resounding yes.

Dating back to the stone ages of craft beers, way back in 1992, Bricktown Brewery has built a reputation across the region for crafting some of the finest beers an Okie can find to whet his or her whistle.

For those dry and dusty Oklahoma (or Texas, or Kansas) summer days, kick back with an Old King Kolsch. Light-bodied with a sweet malty flavor, this highly drinkable beer is a refreshing treat when it heats up outside.

If you’re a fan of brown ales, and what beer drinker isn't, the Bricktown Brown is an excellent choice. Slightly nutty with a hint of caramel, it has a nice finish of grain and a pleasing sweetness. It’s the kind of beer you’ll enjoy after the third pint as the first sip.

Bricktown has a good variety of beers to choose from, including the 46 Star Oklahoma Amber Ale, MIllie McFadden Rye Red Ale and the Single String Stout. Each is a fantastic choice.

But if you’re only drinking at Bricktown, you’re missing out. Each of their 13 locations, stretching from Wichita to El Paso, has a food menu full of delicious treats. This isn’t your typical bar and grill, where your only choices are frozen chicken tenders or a questionable burger. No, Bricktown has the kind of comfort food you love, all done with a creative twist.

Do I even need to describe how delicious the Loaded Nachosaurus is? Or convince you that the Hatch Green Chile Burger is amazing? Seriously, take a look at their menu and tell me you don’t want to order everything on there. From pizza to salads, fish and chips to sea salt caramel fries (yes, you read that correctly), it’s all amazing. And it all goes great with their fantastic beer.

So the next time you find yourself in OKC, Tulsa, Wichita Falls, or anywhere else with a Bricktown Brewery, don’t even think about going anywhere else for dinner. This is your spot.