Partner Spotlight: Bur Oak Brewing Company

Partner Spotlight: Bur Oak Brewing Company


Putting the craft in craft beer.

People in the Midwest pride themselves on their work ethic. They take satisfaction in a job well done, and appreciate the skill of a master craftsman. So it’s only natural that a brewery located in the middle of Missouri would apply this philosophy to brewing beer. Of course I’m talking about Bur Oak Brewing Company in Columbia.

From the first sip of Boone County Brown Ale, one of their flagship brews, you’ll understand that this beer isn’t some mass-produced swill from a multi-national conglomerate. This is beer brewed by people who do one thing: make really good beer.

Bur Oak is a brewery that understands the heritage they carry on, and they take that responsibility seriously. Take for example the Big Tree IPA. Brewed in honor of Boone county’s famous 350 year old Bur Oak tree (the brewery’s namesake) in McBaine, this double pale ale is big and powerful, just like the tree. At 90 IBUs to honor the tree’s 90 foot canopy, it’s pleasingly bitter, with a piney, crisp flavor that beer aficionados will love.

Like pleasantly sore muscles after a long day’s work, each of their beers, whether year-round or  one of their limited release varieties, will leave you satisfied. There’s really nothing better after a long day’s work, or as a treat on a well-earned day off.

Stop in their taproom to try them all. Or if you have an event coming up in Columbia, they also have event space available. It’s the perfect location for a work retreat or wedding reception, and of course it comes with access to their beers.


If you work hard, play hard or just love good beer, Bur Oak Brewing Company is for you. Stop in when you can. You won’t regret it.