Partner Spotlight: Chicken N Pickle

Chicken, Pickleball and Pups

I’m a big fan of food and beer, but sometimes I like to do stuff. I bet you do too. But what if there was some sort of magical establishment where you could kick back with friends, enjoy a beer and some tasty chicken, while participating in fun outdoor activities? No, it's not Narnia, it’s Chicken N Pickle in North Kansas City.

A place with some of the best chicken in the KC metro area, that’s only one key selling point. The other is pickleball. Not familiar with the sport? Oh, you’re missing out. Quick to pick up and difficult to put down, pickle ball is a paddle game with elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. And the best of all, you don’t have to be Serena Williams to have a good time playing it. Even an uncoordinated klutz like me can pick up the basics in minutes.

And when you need a break for food and refreshment, Chicken N Pickle has you covered. Keep your stamina up with their signature chicken in your choice of house, southwest, 7 chili or jerk seasoning. Personally, I usually opt for the 7 chili because I love spicy, but then I cool it off with a draft beer.

On the side, you don’t want to miss the Brussels sprouts. Now, I know what you’re thinking — your mom made you eat Brussels sprouts as a kid and you think you hate them. You’re wrong. If you get them at Chicken N PIckle, flavored with mustard seed, grana padano cheese, and best of all, bacon, you’ll realize you’ve been wrongly maligning this cabbage cousin for years. It’s delicious.

And while the food and beer and 8 pickleball courts (and bocce courts, and assorted other outdoor games) are a great draw to Chicken N Pickle, what I really love is that they often host Beer Paws on the first Wednesday of the month in support of Wayside Waifs. It never fails to be a great time, and best of all, it helps support dogs and cats in need.

So what do you say? Next first Wednesday, come on out to North KC and join us. Or head over to Chicken N Pickle anytime. It’s always a blast.