Partner Spotlight: Colony Espresso & Beer

Partner Spotlight: Colony Espresso & Beer

Man can not live by beer alone (you need coffee too).

Imagine one day you’re stumbling along Indiana Jones-style inside a long forgotten tomb. You know, just your normal Tuesday kind of stuff. Inside this tomb, you come across a vast horde of treasure, but as you reach for it, a spirit suddenly appears. You can claim this wealth, it tells you, but you must give it something in return - it’s a super thirsty ghost, and it demands all the beverages you'll drink in the future.

Now, being a smart adventurer, you’re not going to agree to the first offer, so after some back and forth, you strike a bargain: you get the treasure, but you’re only allowed two types of beverages for the rest of your life, the spirit gets the rest. But you get to select which two beverages. The choice is an obvious one. You can give up juice, water, soda and all the rest with ease, so long as you get the two very best drinks: beer and coffee.

Now imagine there was a really amazing spot in Kansas City, where you could go and get top notch beer and unbelievable espresso all in the same place. Your ghostly adventure might be a dream, but this isn’t - it’s Colony Espresso & Beer.

A millennial’s dream, Colony Espresso & Beer is a bar in Northtowne that focuses on craft beverages, including your favorite alcoholic and caffeinated ones. With 12 rotating craft taps, are than 80 different bottles and can, and local espresso and coffee from Post Coffee in Lee’s Summit, it has something for everyone. And more than just libations and eye-openers, it also offers fresh baked goodies from Scratch Bakery, another local favorite.  

The ideal place to kick back and relax with old friends, or make new ones, Colony Espresso & Beer has a great location, friendly staff, and some of the best beer and coffee you’ll find anywhere. So the next time you’re in North Kansas City, be sure to stop in. Your palate will love the adventure, and you’ll love everything else.