Partner Spotlight: Elk Valley Brewing Company

Partner Spotlight: Elk Valley Brewing Company

Simply beer you’ll love.

In this age of hipsters and microbreweries, does it ever feel like some brewers are creating weird concoctions just for the sake of being different? Like they don’t really care what the resulting beer tastes like as long as no one else is brewing a radish-cactus saison?  Isn’t it refreshing (in every sense of the word) when you find a brewery that is really only concerned with making great beer? Let me introduce you to Elk Valley Brewing Company in Oklahoma City.

Elk Valley has a simple philosophy: make the beers they love to drink, and others will love it too. And guess what? They’ve nailed it.

From core brews like the clean and delightfully hoppy Pale Ale to the light and refreshing farmhouse ale La Ferme, they’re doing nothing but cranking out fine beers. And that’s not to imply they’re averse to risks or don’t have creativity. Only true brew visionaries would dare create the Whiskey Barrel Coconut Nemesis, and imperial stout aged in whiskey barrels with hints of coconut, chocolate and vanilla. And that’s almost tame compared to some of their other offerings.

The Cucumber Saison is a crisp spring beer that instantly conjures images of green grass glistening after a gentle rain. The Blackberry Bruin is a Northern Europe-inspired ale that perfectly balances sweet and sour blackberries.

There are so many amazing and delicious beers to choose from, you really have to get into their taproom to try them all. If you’re in OKC, get over there today. You’ll be glad you did – and it’s not like you have anything else to do until football starts up. So go, grab a brew or 5.