Partner Spotlight: Kros Strain Brewing

Known for their delicious IPAs and Ales, Kros Strain Brewing located in La Vista, Nebraska is this week's partner spotlight.
Partner Spotlight: Kros Strain Brewing

Brewing up something good!

  Sometimes great things come with odd names. Case in point, Kros Strain Brewing in La Vista, Nebraska. Founded by Bobby Kros and Scott Stain, Kros Stain (pronounced Cross Strain) has a familiar craft beer creation story: a couple of home brewers discovered a talent for making beer. With not much more than a dream and ambition, they ditched their corporate gigs and started making beer full time. After a year of raising funds, they signed a lease and began building their packaging brewery in January 2017.

  Fast forward a year later, and they’ve got a full line of fantastic brews available for beer lovers to enjoy. They have a handful of bottled beers available for purchase at liquor stores around the area, and each is a treat.

 The Fairy Nectar IPA is a juicy, aromatic IPA with a tropical note balancing delicately against the hops IPAs are none for. The Dark Paradise is an easy-drinking amber ale similar to an English-style ale, roast with light hints of chocolate and coffee. The Supajuice IPA is a classic take on a double IPA, slightly piney with tons of citrus, and the Helles Creek is the perfect summer brew, offering light malt sweetness and traditional beer taste.

 But these are just the beginning. If you visit their tap room, you can sample the latest limited release beers, including the Naan Waffle, a Belgian IPA inspired by an unlikely combination of Dutch and Indian Cuisine. Or the Bernstein Bier (no Mandela Effect here), a Vienna-style lager with a delightful malty finish.

 No matter whether you’re picking up a six pack, a keg or posting up in the tap room, you’re sure to love what Kros Strain Brewing is putting down. It’s just really good beer.