Partner Spotlight: Mustang Brewing

Partner Spotlight: Mustang Brewing

Wild beer can't be tamed

It wasn’t that long ago that Oklahoma was past the boundaries of civilization. Cowboys, gunfights and the Wild West, it’s the stuff of legend and a big part of who this country is. And now there’s a brewery capturing that spirit and bottling it — Mustang Brewing Company.

Located in Oklahoma City, Mustang Brewing was founded in 2008 in the way of all great adventures — with handwork and a dream. And they’ve earned every bit of their success, largely because their beers are amazing.

Stop into their taproom and order up a pint of the Farmhouse Saison. A silver medal winner at the 2016 World Beer Championships, it’s tart and heady with a nice balance of fruit and spice. Or get a taste of everyone’s favorite snack food in the Udderly Awesome Peanut Butter Milk Stout. Smooth and creamy with hints of peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla and coffee, it’s the perfect after-dinner brew.

If you're looking for something sophisticated, Mustang Brewing’s Saddlebag Series offers a variety of great beers brewed in smaller batched. The Brandy’s Imperial Sundae is a whimsical porter with a sweet and malty aroma and flavors of plums, vanilla and smoke. It’s an ideal pairing for a juicy steak.

For those hot summer days when you just want something simple and refreshing, Mustang Brewing makes a fantastic Summer Lager that’s crisp and smooth. Light with a hint of floral, it’s the perfect choice for those ridiculously hot August days.

Really you can’t go wrong with anything from Mustang Brewing. If you’re in OKC, be sure to stop in. If you can’t, be on the lookout for their bottles in your favorite liquor store. You’ll be very glad you did.