Partner Spotlight: Newport Storm Brewery

There's nothing quite like a sipping a beer on a crisp Autumn day, especially in New England. If you are in the area, be sure to give Newport Storm Brewery a try.
Partner Spotlight: Newport Storm Brewery

Taking the world of craft beer by storm.


There’s something magical about New England, especially at this time of year. The weather turns crisp. Bonfires pop up on beaches and in backyards. The trees are changing, creating a landscape of fiery reds, golden yellows and comforting browns. And there’s nothing I’d rather do than put on one of my old comfortable hoodies and crack open a delicious craft beer — hopefully one from Newport Storm Brewery in Newport, Rhode Island.


Brewing both craft beers and rum, it’s one of those awesome breweries that started small and as their skill and reputation has grown, they’ve expanded to match. As a fruit beer lover, I’m all-in on the Rhode Island Blueberry Ale. A kolsch-style lager brewed with real Rhode Island blueberries, it’s exactly the type of beer I always hope for when I order a fruit beer. That is, it has the flavor and touch of sweetness from the fruit, without being overly cloying or too sweet.


But that’s more of a beer for those warm, sunny afternoons. For the brisk New England nights, try the Hurricane Amber Ale. A delicate balance of hops and malt, it’s simultaneously crisp and refreshing.


Or if you want something a bit more robust to cut through the chilly winds whipping in off the North Atlantic, the Smoked Porter is a limited Autumn release that pairs hints of chocolate and smoke with everyone’s favorite meat candy — bacon!


And if you’re feeling truly piratical, pick up a bottle of their Thomas Tea Rum. I’ll admit to being a bit of a rum snob, but this libation, named after a famed Rhode Island privateer, can go glass for glass with my favorites.


So the next time you find yourself in the Northeast, in between clambakes and lobster rolls, take some time to stop in to Newport Storm Brewery. It’s definitely worth it.