Partner Spotlight: Ploughshare Brewing Co.

Partner Spotlight: Ploughshare Brewing Co.

A bumper crop of great food and beer.

Nebraska is a farm state. It’s something the people who live there are proud of. From the seemingly endless fields of corn to the mascot of the flagship university, Nebraskans embrace their agricultural roots. 

And in south Lincoln, one south Lincoln brewery has embraced that heritage and used it to create a bounteous harvest of great beers. In a refurbished barn harkening back to pioneer times, Ploughshare Brewing Co. has created a warm and inviting brew pub for people who enjoy good beer, good food and good company. 

With a rotating cast of handcrafted beers, Ploughshare has seven year-round brews and four seasonals, each brewed in the traditional way using only the finest ingredients. If you’re a beer aficionado, you’ll want to start with the Percheron American IPA. Named after a huge, reliable workhorse, this dark amber brew lives up to its namesake. Hoppy, with pine notes and a kiss of caramel, it has the ideal IPA bite. 

If you’re in town for a football game (Go Big Red!), you won’t want to miss the Tailgate Red Irish Ale. Gently hopped with a toasty finish, it’s the perfect beer for an afternoon of football, enjoying after some yard work, or paired with a pot roast. 

Really, you can’t miss with any Ploughshare brews. The Weathervane Belgian Wit is amazing, the Farm Boy Cream Ale is smooth and delicious and the Robber’s Pils is just what you’d expect from a pale lager. And whatever you choose, there’s a matching selection of food (or vittles, as they refer to it) available to complement it. 

If you’re not super hungry, the pretzels with mustard or one of the ploughman’s platters are a great choice. If you’re seeking something a bit more substantial, their brats and sammiches are just the thing. The Robin is particularly delicious, a vegetarian take on the Reuben, with fried eggs taking the place of corned beef along with Swiss and gouda, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. You won’t miss the meat!

Whatever you choose, you’re in for a treat. If this is what they beat the swords into ploughshares for, then we all win.