Partner Spotlight: Weston Brewing Company

Partner Spotlight: Weston Brewing Company

Old-fashioned charm.

Weston, Missouri is a charming piece of Americana. Located about an hour north of Kansas City, it has the kind of quaint charm that would be right at home in a Norman Rockwell painting. But one weekend of year, it puts aside its small town charm and becomes a happening spot frequented by beer lovers from all over the area - of course I mean the Irish Festival.

And the cornerstone of this amazing fall festival is a mighty little brewery called Weston Brewing Company.

Established way back in 1842 by German immigrants, it’s often referred to as the oldest brewery west of the Hudson River. And that means they’ve had a lot of time to perfect their offerings.

Start with their flagship offering, O’Malley’s Irish Cream Ale. Smooth and sweet with a delicate nose, it’s the perfect sipping beer for those brisk early spring and fall evenings, though it tastes just as good in the dog days of summer or the height of winter.

If you’re a stout lover, you’ll want to try O’Malley’s Stout. A dry Irish-style stout, it’ perfectly captures the taste of the Emerald Isle. And if you’re an adventurer, Lil Lucy’s Hot Pepper Ale is a surprisingly spicy brew that pairs perfectly with a bowl of chili. If you’re the type of person who makes your chili with beer, this is the perfect secret ingredient.

And there are several other great beers to choose from. O’Malley’s IPA, Brew Lab’s No. 4 Amber Lager, and everything else they make are wonderful. And the best part is that even if you can’t make it up to Weston (though you really should), they’re distributed throughout the area, so you can enjoy their beer in the comfort of your home.

Weston Brewing Company is one of the fantastic little breweries that make the craft beer scene so lively. Pick up one of their beers the next time you’re in the liquor store. You’ll be glad you did.