Partner Spotlight: Zipline Brewing Company

Partner Spotlight: Zipline Brewing Company

A fantastic flight.

In many ways, trying out new beer is a bit like gliding along a taught line high above the treetops. You strap yourself in, a small part of yourself asking just what you’re getting in to. There’s a touch of nervousness – is this going to go well or end badly? And then there’s nothing to do but take the plunge and try that first sip. The rush of excitement, the thrill of that first taste, there’s nothing like it. And while some microbrews may crash and burn, leaving a bitter and unpleasant taste lingering long after it’s gone, a select few give you the rush you were seeking. And that’s what drives you back for more. 

Marcus Powers, Tom Wilmoth and James Gallentine understand the parallels between adventure-seeking and beer-drinking. That’s why when they founded their own brewery back in 2012, they named it Zipline Brewing Company.

And this sense of adventure is what drives them to make bold, flavorful beers, so that anyone, from the craziest adrenaline junky to the laziest couch potato can share in the excitement. 

It starts with the Copper Alt, winner of the Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Fest. A lager/ale hybrid, this creamy brown brew has subtle hints of chocolate and hazelnut balanced with the perfect amount of hoppiness. Smooth and crisp, it’s a straightforward beer packed with plenty of flavor. 

If IPAs are more your preference, Zipline makes a fantastic one. With a delicious fruity aroma hinting of apricot and citrus, this is IPA that can go toe-to-toe with any of the heavyweights and come out victorious. Crisp and dry with a lingering flavor, its bright flavor will immediately make it one of your favorites. 

And this is just the beginning. Zipline Brewing Co. also produces a fantastic Kolsch, an Oatmeal Porter and an India Red Ale, among others. Their taproom in downtown Lincoln serves them all, in a fun and inviting atmosphere. If you can’t hang out and share a few with the locals, be sure to get a growler or six-pack to go. You’ll be glad you did.