SQUIRREL! Celebrate Your Dog's Enemy with a Peanut Butter Cookie

Posted by Crystal Wiebe on

January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day

Do you live in a region where the trees are filled with fluffy-tailed, chittering little critters?
For nearly my whole life, I could look out the window and if I stared long enough, catch the flick of a tail. Squirrels are common inhabitants of the Midwest. They dart across streets; race up and down trees; bury nuts in your yard; eat your homegrown tomatoes before you can. And sometimes they even make nests in your attic.
But they sure are cute little creatures - dare I say, almost as cute as a dog? (OK, maybe that's pushing it.)
For a dog, a squirrel represents an ultimate challenge. It's a fast-moving fluffball that's always teasing from the tree, the far-end of the yard or the furthest fence post, just out of reach.
Fortunately for the squirrels, most of the dogs never can catch them. But they sure do keep trying. And, you know, I think the chase is fun for both parties.
One of our most popular dog cookies available at beerpaws.com is a tribute to your dog's tree-dwelling frenemy. The Peanut Butter Squirrel Cookie is a fun little cruncher made in the same kitchen as our classic Peanut Butter Beer Biscuits
The Peanut Butter Squirrel Cookie is an irresistible treat for your dog any day but especially today National Squirrel Appreciation Day
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