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Partner Spotlight: Helping Hands Humane Society

Posted by Sara Chase on

During the month of April, Beer Paws will be giving back 10% of sales to the Helping Hands Humane Society, our partner spotlight.

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Partner Profile: Happy Basset Brewing Company

Posted by Crystal Wiebe on

A match made in (dog) heaven. You probably know that all dogs go to heaven. And when they get there, they frolic in an amazing dog park filled with tennis balls to chase, fire hydrants to sniff, and all the Beer Paws they can eat. And while these angelic canines are frolicking in paradise, what are their parents doing? I’d like to think they’re kicking back with some good brews, like the kind made at Happy Basset Brewing Company. You can imagine how thrilled we were at Beer Paws to partner up with this Topeka-based brewery. After all, they love...

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